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Are you looking for the perfect new home?
Your living requirements are the basis for a targeted brokerage of an apartment in the segment of property or rent.

Affordable yet individual objects are not a contradiction for us.

Our focus

We support you in selling or renting your property.

  • How has the real estate market developed in recent years?
  • What information and activities are critical to successful residential-property marketing?
  • How do I best handle the sale or rental of my apartment?

We look forward to sharing these and other questions with you to help you succeed.

A friendly, competent and sustainable customer relationship is particularly important to us.

Sophie Schm├╝ck

Since 1999 I’m active in consulting and mediation of residential real estate.
As a real estate consultant, it means a lot to me to bring in my industry know-how both for the person in search of an apartment and for the seller or landlord.


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